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Hey folks, after 2 years Integral Psychosis is getting an upgrade in every way, shape, and form.  It may be a bit rocky around here for a bit, but hang in there.  In the next day or two it should be all back together.  It is important, however, if you’ve got this site bookmarked as “” that you replace that with “” as the will no longer be this blog’s home.


This one might be close to even more insane that that last one… I can’t tell…. seems the whole world’s gone loony.

OK, the cynical commentators (and who can blame them?) are calling it ugly PR/propaganda.  None the less, I find this video truly incredible.  (I can’t figure out how to post the vid, so go see it here).

Honestly, as a person and an observer of the human  experiment over time, I find that to be simply fascinating.  What the hell is that?

Things have been quiet around here, since the spring actually.  But even more so of late.  That’s the way it goes.  I work.  I raise a kid.  I bring in firewood and wash dishes and take out the trash.  And I read ‘One Fish Two Fish’ and try- for my own personal satisfaction above all else- to get the different sections in order, remembering 9 years ago when I was a daycare provider for 3 year olds and I read that book so often (at least twice a day for about 6 months!) that I could recite  the thing backwards and forwards; the kids would play this fun game where I’d “read” the page without looking at the book and then they’d make me describe the illustrations on the page.  Of course, they were 3, so I was always wrong (“it’s a yellow hat!” they’d protest, regardless of if it was of not).

I’m going back to that place, where life was an exploration, and fun, and fantastical.  I’m going back there and this time my co-pilot is my own kid.  I don’t know if you should be worried for her, or for yourselves.

Last week I went out back and cut down a perfectly healthy baby pine.  It’s not that I hate trees or believe Jesus will be coming down the chimney in a week.  It’s because it’s coming up on winter solstice, and there’s no better time to bring the living into your home and celebrate their slow, meaningless demise.

No, actually, it’s just my conservative side.  I like traditions; good ones anyway, about family and warmth and giving and Macy’s.

Besides, it’s all a part of my highly complicated land-management plan for our little homestead: remove enough trees for next year’s firewood, plus one baby evergreen.  If you do this, too, per every 10 acres you’re in charge of, you’ll preside over the most perfect chunk of earth imaginable.  Also, add an 18-pound eating, pooping, giggle machine for optimal results.  WARNING: said addition will be considerate enough to wake you up every 1 and a half or so throughout the night. Read the rest of this entry »

Completely great post from

Lithuania is currently embroiled in a bizarre and deeply confusing political controversy which reveals what happens when a country becomes gripped by extremist ideologies.  Evidence has emerged that Lithuanian intelligence agencies allowed secret CIA prisons to be maintained in their country during the Bush era.  Just because such prisons would be “illegal” under the so-called “law” of Lithuania and various international conventions to which that nation is a signatory, irresponsible leaders of that country are demanding “investigations” and even possibly legal consequences if it turns out crimes were committed.  What kind of a backwards, primitive country would do something like this?

[I]ncreasingly, after years of issuing denials, Lithuania’s leaders are no longer ruling out the possibility that the CIA operated a secret prison in this northern European country of 3.5 million people, and that its government will have to deal with the fallout.

Last month, newly elected President Dalia Grybauskaite said she had “indirect suspicions” that the CIA reports might be true, and urged Parliament to investigate more thoroughly.

What sort of a newly elected President would get into office and then start demanding that actions From the Past — rather than the Future — be investigated, just because they might be “criminal”?  This deeply irresponsible Lithuanian leader apparently doesn’t care about inflaming partisan divisions, and worse, appears blind to the dangers of criminalizing policy disputes.  Even more outrageously, Lithuania faces one of the steepest recessions in all of Europe; obviously, this is a time, more than ever, that Lithuanians should be Looking to the Future, Not the Past.

Please make sure you head over and read the rest.

Ray McGovern got it right regarding the real problem of trying 9/11 criminals on U.S. soil:

For reasons that are painfully obvious, the (media) have done their best to ignore or bury the role that Israel’s repression of the Palestinians has played in motivating the 9/11 attacks and other anti-Western terrorism.

The U.S. House, not surprisingly, got it way wrong on health care reform:

Statements by more than a dozen lawmakers were ghostwritten, in whole or in part, by Washington lobbyists working for Genentech, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies.

And Texas just doesn’t get it.  They may never.

Elsewhere, the Wonk Room has Exhibit A of why the Chamber of Commerce is partisan B.S. rather than the bipartisan ‘voice’ they claim to be.

And finally, I don’t think to got there too often, but the headlines today over at Huffington Post really sum it all up when it comes to American politics, and news (“Glen Beck’s Guest List Included White Supremacists”, “Drug Companies Raising Prices Ahead of Reform”, “Palin Accuses AP of Doing ‘Opposition Research’ in Fact Check of Book” and of course “Nicole Kidman: Motherhood Made My Boobs a Normal Size”).

Sigh…. good luck out there folks.

If you’ve been following my conversation with Corey W. deVos (or, even if not) you might find this one interesting, I sure did.