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Vermont readers are no doubt familiar with Fairpoint Communications, the North Carolina-based company that was allowed by State and Federal regulators to purchase the communications infrastructure and systems (phone lines and internet services) of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine from Verizon last year. ¬†Despite ample evidence that Fairpoint was never fiscally or organizationally prepared for such a huge endeavor- and despite ample evidence that they’d screw over Verizon’s unionized worker’s and fail miserably at lofty promises to bring high speed internet to rural outposts in Northern New England still operating with the steam engine equivalent of internet access, State and Federal bureaucrats charged with protecting and securing the public interest did neither; they easily bowed to Fairpoint’s desires to become a corporate behemoth and to corporate behemoth Verizon’s desires to liquidate physical assets (and the blue color labor required for their upkeep) in order to invest more in digital (and retail) communications. Read the rest of this entry »


NEFAC has just announced a speaking tour of New England, with more dates throughout the Northeast to be announced shortly, featuring Andrew Flood on the topic Building a Popular Anarchism. From their promotional material:

A decade ago the active anarchist movement in Ireland consisted of little more than a dozen people in two small organizations. Today hundreds of people are active and one banned libertarian demonstration in 2004 saw 5,000 people take part. Anarchists are increasingly replacing Irish republicans as the bogeyman of the mainstream media.

‚Ä®This talk explains how this breakthrough happened and details the various struggles anarchists have been involved in. The bad news is, I couldn’t get it worked out to have him come to Montpelier (this time around). The good news is, he’s got several already lined up and even more on the way (maybe there’ll be a Vermont date in there somewhere, I’m working on it).

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