From a concrete room buried half-down into a hillside in Central Vermont, Integral Psychosis is written as one man’s exploration of politics, philosophy, meaning and purpose.  Unabashedly libertarian-socialist, unapologetically rough around the edges, and all too often painfully aware of the world around us… we all struggle to understand  and to articulate our hopes for what’s just over the horizon.  If you can see through the fog, welcome.  Otherwise, perhaps the preface from Col Ethan Allen’s 1784 Reason The Only Oracle Of Man can shed some light:

An apology appears to me to be impertinent in writers who venture their works to public inspection, for this obvious reason, that if they need it, they should havae been stifled in the birth, and not permitted a public existence.  I therefore offer my composition to the candid judgement of the impartial world without it, taking it for granted that I have as good a natural right to expose myself to public censure, by endeavoring to subserve mankind, as any of the species who have published their productions since the creation; and I ask no favour at the hands of philosophers, divines or critics, but hope and expect they will severely chastise me for my errors and mistakes, least they may have a share in perverting the truth, which is very far from my intention.

In the circle of my acquaintance, (which has not been small,) I have generally been denominated a Deist, the reality of which I never disputed, being conscious I am no Christian, except mere infant baptism make me one; and as to being a Deist, I know not, strictly speaking, whether I am one or not, for I have never read their writings; mine will therefore determine the matter; for I have not in the least disguised my sentiments, but have written freely without any conscious knowledge of prejudice for, or against any man, sectary or party whatever; but wish that good sense, truth, and virtue may be promoted and flourish in the world, to the detection of delusion, superstition, and false religion: and therefore any errors in the succeeding treatise, which may be rationally pointed out, will be readily rescinded.