Following from that title, let me be clear:  for every Dem I despise, there’s a Republican to match him (or her).  Likewise, for every motion made by a Dem that I like, there’s an equal one done by some GOP operative.  But lets take a quick look at what the Dems, on the national stage, are up to:

  • Max Bacus (D-Montana):  We ‘can’t afford the unmitigated effects of fighting climate change’.  Yes, that’s right, it’s too expensive to have an energy/transportation/industrial system that doesn’t rape and pillage the planet.  Score one for Nineteenth Century thinking.
  • Patrick Leahy (D- Vermont):  Talks a dam tough game, and quite honestly, has come through solid on a few things for us Vermonters… but when it comes to the USA PATRIOT ACT, or holding the Bush Administration accountable for any number of their crimes (domestic or international), well, let’s just say score one for Orwell’s 1984.
  • Harry Reid (D-Nevada):  While so many out in liberal la-la land are excited that Reid has decided to force through “a public option”, the fact of the matter is that, no matter what any polls show or what the public opinion is, nothing that’s going to hit the Senate floor will be good enough and health care (and the cost of health insurance) (hell, the very idea of having health “insurance”) will continue to cripple working people, be they lower or middle class.  Listen, this is just the issue of the moment- health care ties into so many important things right now.  It’s time to take a page from the Revolutionary playbook: it’s estimated that, at best, 25-33% of the public supported becoming independent from England at the time of the American Revolution; but those guys went forward with it anyway… and you know what? no one questions their wisdom now- no one, ever, anywhere, suggests it was a bad idea because it wasn’t supported by a majority of the people at the time.  Once Americans have full-blown, never see a bill, maybe your taxes go up a little (if you make a decent living or better to begin with), health care, I’d give ’em 10 months at best to forget entirely what their original opinion on socialized medicine was.  When it comes to health care in America, score one for Eighteenth Century England.
  • Barack Obama (D- United States):  October has been the deadliest month for American troops in Afghanistan- ever.  Score one for electing a “socialist”.

I could go on of course- there are thousands of elected Democrats all over the country.  But that would be exhausting, and I’m tired as it is.  Plus, I may feel obligated to do the same for Republicans (just to be fair) which just well might take a lifetime.  But my point is simple: don’t rely on politicians (liberal, conservative, “independent”, whatever) to make the world right.  We’ve got to do it ourselves.  It’s always been that way, for all of human history.  My favorite bumper sticker is still an axiom that I adhere to every waking moment: “comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”.