I’ve mentioned before that one of the sites I regular to keep up to speed with the news and opinions of the American left is commondreams.org.  Of late, they’ve really stepped it up, especially regarding the health care debate and the “Tea Party” movement that has sprung up around it.  Here’s their lastest little side note, a good one, from several angles:

But We Thought Socialists Made The Trains Always Run On Time

You gotta love those zany teabaggers. Now the people who went to D.C. to protest government-run programs – on government-built roads, with government-funded police protection etc – are complaining the government-run subway system didn’t meet their needs, and Texas Rep. Kevin Brady has sent an angry letter to the subway czar. The kicker: Brady voted against stimulus funds to improve the Metro. Cognitive dissonance, thy name is wingnut.

“I will demand answers from Metro,” wrote Brady to whatever socialist tyrant runs the D.C. subway.