It used to be that I had this thing, this useful thing.  It wasn’t that I had a lot, or that I didn’t have other things I could be doing.  But I had some of it, or at least, I made some of it.  It was spare time, and I gave it to you, and to this blog.  Now that seems like a distant memory.  Even right now, if you saw the ‘to do’ list that I’m pretending I’m going to get done this week, you’d wonder what the hell it is I’m doing at this computer.

For one thing my work schedule is far more demanding than it has been the past year that I’ve been blogging- and that’s a good thing, considering that in not too distant a future I’ll enter the entirely new and novel world of being lone bread winner for a family.  Which is the other reason I’m just not at this computer with the time to do much writing- having a girlfriend seems to require paying attention to them, and spending time with them, and when you add on the fact a having a pregnant girlfriend, you also end up having to tie their shoes and get them water and and rub their feet on and on.  PLUS, with NEKMF around the corner there’s an added sense of time to get shit done.

And all of these things, along with a healthy dose of summer weather, gardens, softball… well, it makes politics seem so esoteric.  I don’t mean that I’ve given up on paying attention to what’s going on, or believing strongly the things I believe in.  But take, for example, health care.  Quality health care for all people- without restrictions based on one’s ability to economically afford it is something that post-industrial society’s progress to deeming fit.  That’s how it works folks: people, and nations, evolve over time.  Where once we thought we deserved little, slowly over time we’ve grown to expect free and fair elections (that everyonecan participate in), a healthy landscape, clean water, viable transportation networks, decent education systems, clean and safe hospitals, fire departments… you get the picture.  As the consciousness of people expands, so too does our expectations from the social sphere (for industrial and post-industrial society, that largely means the State).  It’s just so fucking obvious.  The arguments against socialized health care are 99% juvenile dribble.  I just can’t stand the whole debate.  And even worse- any progressive worth their salt knows that Obama and the Federal Dems aren’t going to give us the health care system we need and deserve, it’s going to be some watered down bastard of a system which, good or bad, won’t be good enough.

So why fucking bother.  I’ve got a summer to enjoy, a loving partner to tend to.  I’ve got work to do.

Part of my frustration also comes from the boxes that we crawl into.  I mean, no wonder we lose so much, at times we’re just clueless!

What am I talking about?  Take the example of agriculture and land management.  The progressive view favors “organic” over “traditional”; I was reading such an argument just the other day.  But we can stop right there, because in that one sentence we’ve lost the debate and the hearts and minds of the people who need to be convinced of our perspective.  The “traditional” form of farming, gardening, and land management is “organic”!  So why doesn’t the left frame the debate as between “traditional” and “conventional”, or even better yet, “industrial”?  Because we’re idiots.  Because we let the conversation (the ‘meme’) be directed by our enemies, by the State, corporate interests, and the capitalist press.  Industrial agriculture is gross, destructive of everyone and everything but the few CEO’s and shareholders who profit hugely, and is not “traditional” but rather an attack on our traditions.  If those of us with a clearer mindset and better intentions would be less clueless- make themmeet us on our terms, not the other way around- then perhaps we could get some shit done.  We could show people who’s own interests are ours but yet who side with their exploiters because, well, our exploiters are controlling the terms of the debate.  Instead we attack “traditional” ag in favor of “organic”, a linguistic trick played on us with the exact effect of turning the people who actually value the “traditional” method against it in favor of industrial ag which pollutes our lands, malnourishes our children, and makes everyone but the top 1% poor, poor, poor.

So to hell with it all.  I’ll stop over to write some as I can, and I hope that there’s more an more time for it.  But you know, life is too short and precious to spend talking about the bull shit.  Anyway, I’ve got a bar to go open.