In the realm of completely random, as far as topics that I don’t normally write about: here’s one about film, New Jersey, and the band Phish.

We Enjoy Yourself is an hour long documentary going through Phish’s “final tour” in 2004 (leading up to the shows in Coventry, VT) from the vantage of the phans fans (sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to keep the cute-sy spelling).  It happens to be by Chris Pepino, who I’ve quite literally been friends with since I was brought home from the hospital after being born; and the film is making it’s debut at the New Jersey Film Festival at Rutgers this September 4th and 5th.  Huge congrats to Chris (who’ll be at the screening to introduce the film both nights, if you happen to be down there and are thinking of going).  As a side note, if you hit that link under Chris’ name it takes you to his film production company, True Form Pictures, and if you go to his site you should be sure to give a listen to some of the music he’s written- it’s pretty fucking sweet.  And another side note, since we’re talking music and festivals and Chris: he also did the Northeast Kingdom Music Festival movie for us a few years ago; which leads in to the perfect shameless plug; namely that the 7th Annual Northeast Kingdom Music Festival is happening soon, August 7 & 8 at the Chilly Ranch in East Albany, VT, and you should seriously think about coming up.  It’s always a blast, and tons of great music from an eclectic mix.  Also, DVD’s of the NEKMF film are still available and are on sale for $8 leading up to the Fest- you can buy them through Chris’ website.