A smattering for you of what I’ve been up to, what’s on my mind, and what to expect from this blog in the next week or two:

-First of all of note is the fact that our Three Penny Taproom softball team finally won a game!  Yes, it is only a game, and it’s damn fun, but winning, surprisingly enough, is incredibly more enjoyable than losing.  Despite my slight desire to give credit to either our incredibly beautiful fans, or our incredibly great bench staff, the credit may actually go to good team play.  Anywhichway, the parts of life in which we recognize that we’re only  playing a game are that much more special and enjoyoable, since so much of the rest can feel (and be) so fucking intense.

-Speaking of games, despite wide-spread rumors (largely started by Danny Ainge) that the Boston Celtics were ready to trade either Rondo, Allen, or Perkins to move up in the draft, the C’s front office is now saying that their “expectation” is that Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Rondo and Perk will be the starting line-up next year.  Better fucking be.  The problem, with four unquestionably all-star quality starters and one guy (Perkins) who may not quite be an all-star but otherwise is incredibly quality, is not starters but bench, and staying healthy.  Last year Pierce played the whole second half of the season looking like a veteran who had just gone through a 26-game playoff run, Garnett was out the end of the year, Rondo was playoff dynamite despite lingering ankle challenges, Tony Allen was injured, Scal was injured, Starbury bought too much of the team-centered philosophy of Doc’s C’s and was too afraid to shoot the fucking ball (no one before this year has ever complained of Steph not shooting enough and passing too much).  Don’t trade, just practice.  Your worst guys are fairly good, just work.

-Anyway.  After some provoking comments on the post, some really thoughtful emails from several people, and a few good personal conversations all about my recent piece regarding the Langdon Street Cafe, I’m going to be posting some follow-up and clarifying thoughts on the whole matter.  Stayed tuned for that soon.

-I was going to make this it’s own post, but fuck it:

Seems the cops from the ’68 Democratic Convention police riots in Chicago are having a reunion to celebrate their  notion of the pivotal role they played in safeguarding the country from the “socialist menace” that was arising then in this country.  That’s right, one of the most notorious riots in modern history- started and staged here in the land of the free and home of the brave- will be the subject of a high school-style reunion for the very working class people who violently took up arms against their fellow man for the right of some people to be obscenely wealth while the vast majority suffer in want and need.  Luckily, Chicago CopWatch is way on it and will be taking to the streets at the banquet in order to denounce police brutality then and now.

-Elsewhere, Wayne Price has a great piece up at Anarkismo.com regarding the “two most prevalent” currents of anarchism today.  Well worth the read, even for the casually interested.  Wayne, as almost always, is spot on.

-Since you asked, I called this post “…Round-Up Ready” in ode to a very important piece written by the esteemed (and my friend) Brian Tokar over at GMD.

-Finally, today (Thursday) is the end of voting for FAHC tech workers to join a union.  If you happen to be eligible to vote in this election, I’d like to throw in my plug for you to vote, and vote yes.  My ideological ideas about why unions are good aside- my girlfriend has worked 60+ hours a week for her entire pregnancy (almost 8 months now) in trying to get you a say on decisions on the job, raises based on seniority and skill, and a little job security (not to mention staffing ratios that have that not-so-bad effect of increasing patient care; I know you didn’t think I forgot about the patients).  Shortly after your union election we may not have health care and our family- on the verge of growing- will have to survive on less than half the income.  As I write this I’ve seen my (almost 8 months pregnant) girlfriend quite literally 3 hours in the past 7 days (that’s approx 168 hours, if that’s how you want it).  And all because she thinks you deserve better for your life.  And I agree with her.

Do me a personal favor- vote yes and let her come home to rest a little.  Thanks.