Whew.  It’s nice to be back in the swing of things around here, finally getting some posts back up- and finally getting some writing done.  A quick re-cap of this week’s posts shows that you all have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about me: though I admitted to having a bit of a riot porn fetish, I also made clear that street demos and insurrectionist revolution don’t strike me as really it; I came out against reasoned debate and for kicking ass against Nazi’s and fascists; I dipped dangerously close to conspiracy theory weirdo in doubting that the protests in Iran are much more than a Western-pushed destabilization movement (I mean, there’s something somewhat familiar about their “green revolution“… oh, that would be its similarities to the Ukraine’s “orange revolution”, Burma’s “saffron revolution”… USAID and other such Departments are clearly good at branding, not so much on the creativity front); then yesterday I made the clearly illegal and morally questionable decision to openly “advocate literature”.  Yes folks, it’s really nice to have a moment to get some writing in, as well as to simply get some reading done.

In less well-publicized action, I also added two links.  The first one is simply my latest attempt to make a living without a strangulation of a boss (and also the cause of my lack of attention to this blog for April and May)- the Three Penny Taproom.  It’s Montpelier’s (and rapidly, Vermont’s) most premier beer bar.  16 taps, in pretty constant rotation, plus a fresh cask every Thursday.  Plus a simple but well-thought tapas menu (custom beer-washed cheese plate, fresh salami plate, etc).  And also, soccer.  We also play a pretty fun game of watching Australian rules football and trying to figure out what the fuck the rules are… stop on over if you’re in the area!  Oh yeah, and in the coming weeks we’ll be getting a lot of really exciting things in that absolutely no one else in Vermont carries- courtesy of some really great collaborative work between one of our distributors and one of the country’s largest beer distributors down in CT.  Also, if you’re in be sure to sign-up for our email list, as that’s how you’ll get notice about new beers coming on tap, and when special events (like the 15 year old, +$400 keg of Scottish Ale we’ll be getting soon) comes on.

 The other link I added is to the very good Anarchist Black Cat Forum– it’s far and away the best internet forum for all things libertarian, socialist, and revolutionary.  I must admit that, while I’ve been heading over there to read the discussions for quite some time now, I’ve yet to post anything.  But the discussions are often quite good, and thought provoking; of course, as with all internet forums, there’s the obligatory few who are belligerent, who don’t add anything constructive, who are hyper-critical… but they’ve got pretty clear and strict user-protocols and the site moderators are pretty on-it.  And there’s surprisingly very little “insider baseball” and inter-personal mellow drama- two reasons why I seldom associate myself with much of anything having to do with the “anarchist community”.  Though none of this is in anyway confined to radical circles, I wanna say how entirely obnoxious it is to me that so much of the political community of anarchists is wrapped up and packaged as a social sub-culture, replete with dating dramas, squabbles over minuscule happenings, and everything else you’d expect from a social scene… only, it’s supposed to be a political scene.  I for one prefer my social life to be one filled with people whom I find social kinship with (watching sports, drinking beer)- which by no means whatsoever is exclusive of finding political kinship, but Jesus! I find that generally when my social circles are actual, you know, friends, the drama is kept pretty low because, well, drama usually stems from things like people fucking you over, mis-treating each other, not considering each other- none of which I’d expect from actual friends.  When drama surfaces in life, I notice that it tends to come from people and/or events that just aren’t worth the stress.  I mean, there’s so much to life- he-said-she-said-you-slept-with-who-I can’t-believe-they-did-that bull shit just doesn’t seem, to me anyway, to be what it’s all about.  But I digress…. my point is merely that I have social scenes based on mutual interest and camaraderie, and I participate in political scenes based on shared ideas, ideals, and passions (none of which is mutually exclusive, for damn sure)- I just wish things like political forums would get the political part right, or rightfully note that they are in fact social forums.  Nonetheless, despite that little diatribe, Anarchist Black Cat is an exceptionally good political forum, and worth checking out if you want to engage or learn about the things that anarchists are pondering and doing.

Enjoy your weekend.  Cheers!