The next meeting of the G20- the expanded version of the G8 which includes the “up and coming” economic global powers of the world- has been announced to be in Pittsburgh, PA September 24 and 25.  The last G20 was in London this past April, where massive popular protests cast a dark cloud over the meeting and at least one protester was killed.  Up until the announcement of Pittsburgh hosting the summit, New York City was widely assumed to be the G20’s next stop.  It’s unclear exactly why they moved to the Steel City, but one has to wonder about the provocative choice of a place with such an active, organized and visible radical scene as well as one of the more class-conscious (and proudly working class at that) cities in the U.S..

Over this blog’s life I’ve put a lot of coverage into the big protests (May Day events, the RNC, etc).  My next job will be a post taking on what- if andy- value such demonstrations have.  In the meantime, I’ll offer that my initial thoughts are that the Pittsburgh G20 may make last year’s RNC in St Paul look like amateur stuff.  We’ll see.