To those of you still out there, I am still here.  On the other hand, I have been a very bad blogger.  The Three Penny Taproom (which will have it’s own website soon enough) has been all-consuming.  Other than this blog, I’ll just note that my 6-month pregnant girlfriend, lonely dogs, 12-inch high lawn, and untended empty-but-rapidly-filling-with-weeds garden beds are also feeling a bit neglected as well.  But there is a light at the end and some degree of normalcy is in the air.  I can feel it.  It’s coming.  It exists.  In the meantime, the Northeast Kingdom Music Festival (yet another project of mine) has announced the 2009 line-up and tickets will be going on sale very shortly (and the website has been re-designed, so hit that link and check it out!).  In this year’s line-up, Ed has proven once again that there are still plenty of incredible acts and musicians out there who don’t sell millions of records or fill areas (or demand the fees that such accomplishments provide) that are well, well worth seeing.

Elsewhere in the world, my beloved Boston Celtics play game 6 against Orlando tonight.  It’s been a great series so far, overshadowed only by how great that Chicago series was in the first round.  A lot of folks are counting the C’s down and out, but I think we’ve got a little life left.  Either way, I don’t think it matters much because any team is going to need a miracle (and a LeBron James ankle injury) to beat the Cavs this year.  I’m calling it Cavs over Denver, probably in 4 or 5 games, for the championship (and if I’ve already posted an NBA prediction- I honestly just don’t even know anymore- this one supersedes that).

As for politics and things that actually matter in the world, you’re pretty much on your own.  My obsession with current events and politics has taken a back burner to making a living.  My daily scouring of 6 to 12 websites and my front to back reading of the local paper has been reduced to a glance at the headlines every few days thing.  70+ hour work weeks will do that.  As I said though, things are looking like they could get more on track soon enough, and I hope once they do you’ll be back around.  I just got caught-up reading a really interesting and provocative thread that’s been going on on an email list serve I’m on and it has my little political brain moving and thinking, so I’m eager to get that stuff written before it flies out my brain.

And of course, Monday marks the beginning of the softball season.  The Three Penny Taproom team (playing as “formerly the Langdon Street Cafe” because the new jerseys aren’t in yet) had our official scrimmage this past Monday against Casella’s.  We ended up losing, something like 15-11, but no one was really keeping track of the score (well, I was at first but gave up about half way through) and we weren’t playing with any balls or strikes.  As long as my back holds up, I’m super excited.  Cheers for now.