As I’ve mentioned, May 1 in Montpelier is shaping up to be one for the ages.  To begin with, the Vermont Worker’s Center has been organizing the Healthcare Is A Human Right Rally– to take place at noon on the Statehouse lawn- for a full year.  Vermonter’s off all ages, political stripes, and temperament are strongly urged to come together- call out of work ‘sick’ if you must- and demand that our State recognize that we all need health care and we need it now and we need it as a guarantee of human life.  Just as we demand fire departments to protect us from disastrous fires, adequate roads and transportation services to travel from place to place, electricity, clean air and water, and a quality education to provide each and every one of us with the best means for a long and fruitful life, so too we need to come together to demand that without a health care system that provides consistent, quality care for each and every person- as a right and necessity for our survival.  I for one am predicting a possible record-turnout (an anti-war rally in early 2003- I believe was the year- brought 5,000 people to protest in our little city of 8,000, which by all accounts was the largest rally/protest ever held in Montpelier; it’ll be a tough record to beat, but I’m thinking it’ll be quite possible that this one does it).

At 3:00 on the first, the Three Penny Taproom– my latest effort to find meaningful employment without the trappings of a boss- is set to open to the public.  A light (very light) tappas-style menu will accompany the hands-down best beer selection in Central Vermont.  Sixteen taps of almost (maybe entirely) totally unique to the area beers will run the spectrum from pilsner to IPA to Abbey and stout and beyond.  The three of us who are opening the place are pretty hop-focused, so the first incarnation of our ever-changing draft list is pretty hoppy, but I promise there’s something for everyone.  Even if you know next to nothing about beers, even if you really just love that Coors Light you’ve been drinking for years, we’ve got a beer for you.  Side note: though we do have something for everyone, we’re proud that we have no Anheuser-Bush products!

Finally, as if often the little-known fact about Montpelier, the music scene in Vermont’s capital city is pretty freakin’ awesome; especially relative to that 8,000 population I just mentioned.  I grew-up in a city of over 80,000, with not even a hope of producing or hosting as much great live music.  This Friday is no exception, with the highlight being the Mathematicians playing over at the Langdon Street Cafe.  They are, simply enough, just incredible.  If I weren’t working that night, I’d be there in a second.

So come to Montpelier early on Friday and be prepared to stay late- it’s going to be an amazing May Day for sure.