Sorry to be slower than normal in getting this stuff up- I was actually home for just a brief moment and got something posted onto GMD (since that site has way more readership than me)…

Today a number of students at UVM locked-down in the Presidents Wing of the Waterman building, demanding fired staff be re-hired, budget cuts be taken off the table, and more layoffs be forgotten about.  A sit-in of over 100 students, staff and faculty members in the Waterman building was held simultaneously and continues this evening.

The latest word is that though the students were prepared to negotiate and even make concessions, UVM President Fogel walked out declaring that he’d agree to “none of it”.  Those locked-down were summarily arrested and the 100 plus folks still in the Waterman building have been told that if they don’t leave by 10:00 this evening they’ll be arrested too.

Students Stand Up are asking that anyone who can head over to the Waterman building at UVM for a 9:30 pm rally in support of those in the building.  If you do this sorta thing, there’s one of these:

Update 10:15 pm- The Waterman building was ordered locked by Fogel with over 100 people still inside, cops stationed at every exit.  Over 200 people have turned out for the support rally outside.

Update Thursday morning- With over 200 people outside rallying, another 26 or so people inside Waterman over the evening and the occupation appears to have ended, for now.