Well, that didn’t take long.  From the New School Re-Occupation blog:

Today we witnessed undoubtedly the greatest disgrace in the history of the New School. Students practicing civil disobedience in occupying a mostly vacant school building have been pepper-sprayed, teargassed, beaten, and then arrested. Bob Kerrey (New School president- the re-occupation was in demand of his resignation) is attempting to shift the blame for this absurdly excessive use of violence on the NYPD, which is not entirely false. 100’s of cops, at least 1 helicopter, dozens of barricades, violence against supporters, and the violent arrest of the students is the result of NYPD brutality. However, Bob Kerrey also deserves the blame for turning the police loose on the peaceful occupation and working with them every step of the way as violence continued.

Among other factors, there’s little doubt (at least in my mind) that part of the extremely excessive force used by the NYPD was about sending a message to all students- in NYC as well as the whole country- that European-inspired student uprisings will not be welcomed.  Not only were the people inside the building brutally beaten and arrested, but supporters outside the building met a similar fate; make no mistake that this has everything to do with Greece, France, Spain, et al.  Now, lets see how well this repressive strategy works…..