This just hit my inbox.  I don’t have the time at the moment to look for more details but perhaps this evening when I come home.

New School students have just reoccupied the entire graduate faculty
building at 65 5th Ave, fully barricading themselves inside until
President Kerrey and Vice-President Murtha resign. This is the same
building that was occupied from December 17-19th of last year in protest
of President Bob Kerrey’s mismanagement of the university. On February
10th, students announced they would “shut down the university” if
President Kerrey and Vice-President Murtha did not resign by April 1st.
With their demand still unmet as of this date, students have once again
reclaimed this neglected, symbolic building which housed the New School
for Social Research. This time, however, the entire building has been
occupied. On the 75th anniversary of the University in Exile, New School
students are reclaiming the tradition of protest and political action that
birthed the university and gave it meaning for generations to come.