There’s a great interview of Bob Dylan up on his website- check it out.  He’s very surprisingly candid, in my estimation.  He’s never really spoken straight-forwardly about what he was thinking or feeling or meaning in one song or another.  And the topics really cover the spectrum.
Bill Flanagan: What about political dreams?
Bob Dylan: Oh yeah. Politicians would have political dreams – dreams and ambitions. Maybe we are talking about two different things.
BF: What’s your take on politics?
BD: Politics is entertainment. It’s a sport. It’s for the well groomed and well heeled. The impeccably dressed. Party animals. Politicians are interchangeable.
BF: Don’t you believe in the democratic process?
BD: Yeah, but what’s that got to do with politics? Politics creates more problems than it solves. It can be counter-productive. The real power is in the hands of small groups of people and I don’t think they have titles.