Yeah, Whole Foods is a real model of forward thinking.  “This is a third way,” says Whole Foods’ attorney Lanny Davis (nice co-option of integral language).  By “third way” though I guess he means stuff like a Whole Foods store manager holding anti-union meetings with employees where he was recorded saying things like “It’s interesting to note that once you become represented by the union, basically everything, every benefit you have, is kind of thrown out the window, and you renegotiate a contract.”

Er, enter one journalist and the NLRB:

“I think it’s probably fair to construe [that comment] as a threat,” concluded Tim Peck, a representative of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in San Francisco, after Mother Jones read him quotes from the meeting, one of several anti-union trainings held by the company in recent months. Peck pointed out that labor law bars employers from threatening to strip benefits from workers in retaliation for unionizing. “The ‘flying out the window’ [comment] kind of suggests that the benefits are gone,” he noted. Legally, “that wouldn’t pass muster.”

The whole article is here for your enlightened perusal.