Striking workers in Paris

Whew… I got myself a might bit distracted in all that Burlington election result shit.  Classic relativistic pluralism (Green) denying the legitimacy of rational/scientific (Orange) i.e., Pre/Trans Fallacy.  But in the real world revolution continues to simmer under the surface of the worst global capitalist meltdown in anyone’s memory; particularly and most clearly, throughout Europe.

Last Wednesday, a day a head of the planned general strike in France, thousands from across Europe took to the streets:

Students clashed with riot police in Paris, following almost two months of pickets and barricades erected in front of Universities throughout France.  Students there are protesting proposed reforms to the higher education system.

After students engaged in a two-month long occupation of their university in Barcelona were evicted by police, demonstrations in the streets led to at least seven arrests and 80 injuries in fighting between students and cops.  As throughout France, students all over Spain have been demonstrating and picketing their schools for months on the heals of proposed Europe-wide education reforms being pushed by neo-liberalists.

Students in Rome were referred to by one Minister as “guerilla forces” as they battled police, among other things complaining about recent cuts to education and the existence of fascist groups within many prominent universities across Italy.  Bologna, Naples, and Venice also hosted massive student protests.

In Turin, anti-authoritarian oriented students have continued to engage in violent conflict with Fascist student organizations.

The following day, an estimated record three million people took to the streets across France in the second general strike there since the beginning of the economic collapse- demanding a fair, humanitarian, populist end to the “crisis”.  1 in 3 people polled said they supported the strike, the most popular support for a strike in over a decade.

And of course, Athens continues to be little more than a state of continuous revolt: while anarchist students took-over an abandoned mansion in the museum district nurses across the country engaged in a 48 hour strike took over the offices of the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, about a dozen workers at a recently closed auto parts factory in Aradco, Canada have welded the doors shut (with them inside) demanding their legally owed back-pay and severeness.

And Sunday around 200 people were arrested in Montreal during clashes with police at the annual anti-police brutality march there.

On Monday, the largest private union in Ireland will hold a one-day general strike of its own against government actions during the economic “crisis”.

Good luck with that electoral thing there liberals…