Ever since I started this blog I’ve had nearly as much fun geeking-out on visitor stats as I have in writing.  Part of the fun of this has been watching the steady increase in daily readership, especially over the last couple of months.  I’m just really feeling popular.  Thanks.  But fame and (impending) fortune has a price, and I may have just gotten my first glimpse of it.  While checking my email today, I got my first wingnut conservative reactionary email from someone via the “Contact Me” button above.

Long-time readers may remember the elongated thing that happened around here when “dcbarton” (I think from Oklahoma) helped make the comment section of this post the most verbose of Integral Psychosis‘ not-very-long history (so verbose in fact that it even spurred on a second post in its own right).  That “dc” was certainly a right-wing whack and having him (or her, I don’t know if “dc” ever clarified that) here engaging so vigorously was, er, interesting for sure.  There’s something for sure to be said about people like that who surf around the web and comment on random blogs whether they agree or disagree (or perhaps only commenting when they disagree?).  It reminds me of a cartoon I saw once, which was a guy sitting at a computer and a person from another room saying “honey come to bed” and the guy on the computer saying something like “not now dear, there are people online who are wrong!”.  But it strikes me as another reality altogether to engage not in a public forum (the internet) and debate ideas or even just pick fights and name-call, as some seem to really enjoy doing- but to take your time to privately email a complete stranger because of something you don’t like about a blog?!

“The true bullet bob”, who I believe lives in Dallas, took time from her/his busy life to drop anonymous stranger blogger me an email, only to say:

this is a true KOOL-ADE drinking site with nothing but propaganda and bruehaha!!!

And I think there is to much of the fasism thing from the poster of the Hitler youth

and the GOP logo on the flag and armband!!  Lets get something start, what Glowbama

is doing is pure socialism and his private agenda shows this in his actions, this

guy says anything but the actions are what shows this is a socialistic person!!!  It

is all Glowbama knows!!!

I tell you, I really do feel special.  This clearly intelligent person who, for obvious reasons, I have so much admiration for, didn’t just send me a form letter; this is personalized, sincere shit right here.  I mean, it’s not just that this, well, writer- lets just be clear, this person is writer- an author- saw my views stir-up so much passion for them that they were compelled to email me personally- foregoing the public spectacle of the comments section and not even bothering to make an appointment with my secretary.  But in addition, their point is just so well thought-out, so fucking persuasive, that I’m really beside myself over here.  This is the first sign- no, maybe the second, “dcbarton” being the first- sign that this little blog is really making its way through the cyber worlds and into the public’s view.