Yeah, yeah, the Super Bowl always brings out the serious sports haters.  Over the past week- and especially over the past few days- I’ve gotten emails, seen facebook posts, and read throughout the blogosphere every kind of this stuff.  Some of it is actually quite good and even spot on; some of it is sorta true, sorta B.S.; and some of it is just crap.  So you don’t like sports, or professional sports, or whatever… get over yourself.  It is, in fact, possible that some people are just interested in things that others aren’t and you don’t necessarily need to justify your own opinion by trying to prove that people who think or feel otherwise are idiots, arrogant, dupes, brainwashed, or the like.  At one end of the spectrum is Noam Chomsky who articulates a lot of people’s perspective (at least among folks I know) by noting that it’s all just a distraction to keep us from paying attention to and engaging with the meaningful, substantive things in life like politics and society.  While I’m actually a bit sympathetic to the sentiment that he’s getting at, I just disagree.  I, for instance, am a huge sports fan and am even more so engaged and passionate about politics- there’s actually room in my brain for more than one interest, and I bet the same is true for most of you, too.  And while I’m not particularly into UFC, of note is Jeff Munson, a UFC champion fighter and dedicated anarchist who was in the streets of St Paul for the RNC (see my recent post for more on him).

But, for all you sports haters out there (and with a tip of my hat to my friend Heather, who- yes- posted this on facebook), some aspects of sports are positive and even redeeming for one individual’s heart, or an entire gymnasium of them: