I’ve got a lot to attend to this week, so it’s looking like it may be a light one over here folks.  Of course, if my insomnia keeps up, I’ll finish up a couple posts I have in the works and get them out anyway.  As for the Super Bowl, I’m a genuine Eagles bandwagon jumper and have been for several years now- watching those Philly playoff games in the early part of the decade is what got me back into the game.  To see them go down yesterday on a non-call in the final drive is annoying, and having to root for Pittsburgh insults my Dolphins’ fan sensibilities (hey, we were huge rivals… in the 70’s)- but root for the Steelers I will, not only because I don’t particularly care for the Cardinals, but just in general I hate all these Southwestern desert cities that have boomed over the past couple of decades: I guess I can understand people’s penchant to move to a place where the weather is sunny and warm in their twilight years (actually, no I can’t, toughen up you lame-asses) but lets get serious for a second: the air conditioner usage in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, etc is rapidly heating up this planet to the detriment of us all; plus, people need water to live, and there’s no fucking water in the desert.  In a very uncharacteristic anti-humanist kinda way, I secretly pine for the day when these desert cities run out of water.  Screw morons who live in a place where you’ve got to steal resources from far away locales for your mere survival.  Idiots.

Steelers over Cardinals two weeks from now, 34-17.

In other news, no wonder my bad back is getting worse before it gets better: first it was broom ball last weekend, this weekend it was sledding for only the second time all year.  At least most of the week looks like it’ll be above zero, some 20’s even.  Sweet.

I can’t say I have much to offer you in terms of Tuesday’s inauguration, other than a sincere excitement about seeing the nation’s first mixed-race president take the role of most powerful man alive and the nation’s most famous buffoon finally get the hell out of there.  I also am a fan of that train ride Obama took through the East cost, old school style.  But seriously, I for one had serious doubts at a number of points along the way that we just simply wouldn’t get out of the Bush year’s alive.  For me, the real celebration Tuesday will be about that.  But certainly, cheers to Obama and his family for what they represent to so many people, and more importantly, cheers to the millions of people who worked together to get him there.

War? What fucking war? Go back to bed.