Yup, one year of this project under the belt.  Thanks to all who’ve come over to read my thoughts and observations, and especially to those who come by regularly and who contribute their own thoughts and comments.  On January 11, 2008, this site was looked at 11 times (probably at least half of those JD Ryan, who still takes every opportunity he finds to point out that he’s my “blogfather”); one year later, an average of nearly 60 people a day come here.  In the early part of 2009 I plan on revamping the look of this site, and hopefully adding some whistles and bells.  If my little dreams ever take root, the book that I’ve always promised myself I’d write may be forth coming, too.  A number of my posts, strung together, have proven to be a fantastic and inspiring rough outline for some of the exciting (to me) and unique contributions to libertarian and integral thinking that I believe I have.  Of course, putting the pieces together and thoroughly fleshing it all out into a book will demand some time and patience, and given certain circumstances that I cannot yet publicly declare for work-related reasons, time and patience are in short supply here in my bunker home-office.  Regardless, writing and thinking critically are two of my biggest passions, and both have voice here.  Thanks, and cheers!  -wdh3