It’s not just a Chuck Berry song: it seems like world “news” long ago ran it’s course and now the same stories just come out over and over again.  Here are a few of the more familiar tunes making the headlines today:

Another reactor leak at Vermont Yankee– our state’s beloved nuclear power plant.  Over the past year, I think that makes like 400 various leaks, cooling towner collapses, and stoned technicians found.  Yet, no political currency to close it down from lawmakers, who are too scared by VY’s Gov Douglas’ PR dribble to act.

Remaining in Vermont for a second, moron-in-chief Gov Douglas is trying to use the instability of capitalism (in the form of the latest “crisis”) as an excuse to once again push for a cut-back on the state’s environmental protections, which are largely recognized as being some of the best in the country.  Seems Mr Douglas isn’t a fan of people having the right to be involved in major developments that effect the environment around them, nor the fact that just because a developer wants to build something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen.  I’m hoping- hoping- that the legislature stands up to him a bit more forcefully on this than they do on, well, most any other issue.

Elsewhere in the universe, there’s a serious brew ha-ha on developing as Russia and the Ukraine have renewed their fighting over gas supplies that ship from Russian through Ukraine to Europe.  Gas has now been cut-off and several European countries have already begun emergency measures and instilled gas rationing.  This may get interesting, or may fizzle out the way the conflict has nearly every other time its come up.

Excitingly, worker’s at Chicago’s Republic Windows and Doors have filed National Labor Relations Board charges against the shop’s ownership, charging that the company failed to negotiate in good faith.  I was just going to write about this story on it’s own, but am just throwing into this round-up because, unfortunately, there’s a long and continuing tradition in this country of bosses screwing over their employees just for an extra buck, and even when those worker’s file charges, and even if the bosses are found guilty of wrongdoing and law-breaking, none of it changes.

Israel attacks Palestinians, blames Hamas; Hamas attacks Israel, blames Israel… round and round and round.  Someone send these fuckers to jail please.

And finally, the barons of global capital are trying to convince us that dreaded, horrible pirates are psycho-fanatical nut-jobs ensuring war and poverty the world over.  Luckily, there’s a neat little piece up at the UK Independent debunking some of the economic and sociological myths about pirates, both present and historical.  Turns out piracy isn’t always played out the way Walt Disney told us it did, and that perhaps the real crime going on off the coast of Somali is European and American-led.  I, for one, am just shocked….