From Infoshop (emphasis mine, to point out what I would write about if I had time; but family will be here for Christmas Eve dinner soon, so I’m gonna quickly remove the dead chicken from the coop and finish off this beer.  Happy Holiday’s all):

After a quiet night at the Athens Polytechnic yesterday, mainstream media (which, more often than not, prepare the ground for police operations) reported today that a police raid of the Polytechnic is unlikely. The people occupying the building have successfully defended their right to decide themselves when to leave.

Reports are coming in, both on IndyMedia and the occupations’ open assemblies, that the police have been approaching taxi drivers and asking them to pass on information about their passengers (just like they did during the 1967-1974 dictatorship). In one instance, a woman who hailed a cab outside the Economics University (A.S.S.O.E.) and wanted to go to a northern suburb of Athens, but she was driven straight to the police headquarters. Luckily, she realized what was going on a block away from the police building and managed to jump out of the taxi’s window and escape, while being chased both by the taxi driver and the police.

The last student demonstration for this year occurred today. There has already been a call for a fresh student demonstration on January 9th and it is expected that demonstrations will continue apace in the new year.

It is also expected that the anarchist occupations of the three universities (Economics, Polytechnic and Law school) will all end later this week, as fatigue is seriously kicking in at these unprecedented 17-days long occupations. Actions will, of course, continue: the biggest bet right now is to expand the revolt and unrest in time and people are focusing their plans on this aspect. We should have a better idea of where things will go after this week’s assemblies.

Meanwhile, mainstream media reported that a riot police van was shot at twice at 5:50 a.m. in the Goudi suburb of Athens, next to the university campus in Zografou; one bullet hit the van’s tire and the other hit the engine.

Police said the unidentified gunman shot at the bus carrying 19 officers when it stopped at traffic lights outside the university campus in eastern Athens.

A police official, who asked not to be identified, said the shots were believed to come from the campus and were fired from a military weapon.

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