Some folks may be familiar with the events of a July, 2007 incident in which news had spread of a planned KKK rallied in Philadelphia.  Local ARA (Anti Racist Action) members and Anti-Fa (anti-fascist) militants turned out in preparation to counter-demonstrate and challenge the legitimacy of the racist fucker’s in a common scenario: white supremacist ideologies situate themselves as a pole to feed on the dis-empowerment experienced by working class white youths, feeding them the lie that it is racial issues- specifically, the power and existence of people of color, Jews, and other non-Aryans, which keep the poor white youths suffering.  Of course, any reasonable analysis will find that class issues divide us while racial, religious, ethnic, and sexual issues unite us all as humans suffering the common plight of being on the wrong end of the capitalist ladder- but nonetheless, white supremacists feed off the anger, frustration, and dis-empowerment experienced by white youths and use those feelings to fill the ranks of their neo-fascist program.  One radical line of thinking is that, if neo-Nazi, skinhead, and KKK groups are going to use violence and physical force as a means of entrapping working class kids into feeling “empowered” and “stronger” through their show of racist force, then an extremely effective measure to prove the falsehood of that “power” is physical and violent in return.

Four anti-fa militants were roaming through the area of the rumored KKK rally in Philly about a half hour before it was scheduled to begin.  When they came upon a couple of people dressed and looking clearly like skinheads, they asked them if they were KKK.  “So what if we are?” was the response, to which the radicals replied “so you like lynching black people?” and one of the apparent skinheads countered “we can lynch whoever we want.”

Well, the twist in this story, one that quite frankly is far more common throughout American cities than most people are aware, is that there appears that there was never any KKK rally planned, and that the skinheads that these anti-fascists encountered were in fact FBI agents in an elaberate scheme to entrap radical militants.

From (emphasis mine):


The four antiracism activists – Jared Schultz, 29, and Thomas Keenan, 23, both of Frankford; Jason Robbins, 29, of West Philadelphia; and James McGovern Jr., 59, of Paulsboro – were arrested after they followed the officers, whom they believed were neo-Nazi skinheads, to a waiting SUV, kicked at the vehicle’s sides and broke a rear window.

The vehicle was an unmarked car belonging to the FBI’s Philadelphia antiterrorism task force. The car was taken to the rally by agent Stephen Powell and Philadelphia detective Lt. Sean Brennan, who said they went to the KKK rally – which never happened – for surveillance purposes.


Both police and FBI witnesses said they learned of the purported rally through a leaflet and through a demonstration permit filed with city officials. But they also said the leaflet no longer exists, and city officials said the Klan never applied for or received a permit.

So the FBI, under the guise of “anti-terrorism”, is spreading rumors of KKK rallies in order to entrap radical activists?  Say what you want about the tactic of violently confronting neo-Nazi’s (actually, please do so, I’ll gladly get in that debate)- this is a clear case of entrapment, and even more so, a troubling and dubious use of the umbrella of “anti-terrorism”.  Fighting neo-Nazi’s and Klan members fits a bit closer to my definition of anti-terrorism, but hey, I’ve been known to be a bit “out there” by other people’s judgement.