A few quick things here: first of all, yesterday, while watching the Miami Dolphins barely defeat the lowly St Louis Rams (suck it, Nelson) this website was visited for the 10,000 time.  Visitor number 10,000 appears to be someone down in Pampano Beach, Florida, who came by and read my piece The Dismal Science (or, a Really Long Look into the Current Economic Crisis).  In the time it took me to receive 10,000 hits there have been some highs (164 visitors on October 9) and some real lows (6 visitors on January 27).  In the nearly 300 days (294) I’ve been obsessing over this hobby I’ve posted 218 pieces, some much better than others.  While the Langdon Street Softball page is by far the most visited part of this site- a touching statement to our team’s OCD in regards to stats- my review of Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians is otherwise the most popular post ever, followed in second by my review of Gail Tsukiyama’s The Samurai’s Garden.  Aside from the obvious fact that this makes me think I should be doing far more book reviews on this site, it’s very interesting (to me anyway) to note that the vast, vast majority of people looking at those book reviews (especially the Coetzee one) are here from education URL’s (Harvard.edu, UVM.edu, etc), which makes me wonder: do those posts just come up high on a google search, or have those book reviews been listed somewhere as somehow “good reviews” for college students to read?  I mean, it’s not unusual, at all, for university students in Thailand or China or England or South Africa or Texas to read those posts- and only those posts from this site.  And of course, when I started this little project back in January, I never imagined it would lead to me being interviewed for television, but that’s certainly what happened.  Anyway, there’s also the woman in Australia who contacted me a month or two ago for biographical information for the bibliography/references in her master’s thesis, as she was working on essentially a more academic and in-depth version of my Politics of Post-Modernism piece… fucking cool!

On a less stat-geek level, I’ve just added a link to the entirely new (as in, there aren’t even any posts up yet other than the “About Me”) Vermont News Guy blog.  A friend of mine had been working to help this guy set-up his site, and it sounds like he’s really going to be doing some great, great local journalism in the near future.  Good luck to him, and be sure to check it out often, as I plan on doing.

Also in the “Links” section: I haven’t yet taken down my link to Colby’s Broadsides, but the site has been “under maintenance” for quite some time, so I’m only going to give him a little while longer until I assume he’s given up on the project and remove the link.  As well, the VT Indy Media site has been, from the get-go, simply pathetic.  I had hopes when my previous “employer” Catamount Tavern News partnered-up with them over the summer, but alas, the site is still almost entirely useless for learning about far-left news, events, and opinions.  I haven’t taken that link down yet either, but it’s days are probably numbered unless they get their act together (hint hint, that would be a great project to be run out of the new Burlington infoshop space).

In other news (actually, back to book reviews thoughts) I’m excited to finish, hopefully in the next week, reading Daniel Guerin’s Anarchism, a review of which will give me a great opportunity to write about a lot of my most recent thoughts on revolutionary action, strategy, and just in general to clarify a lot of my thoughts about what that word- and belief- is actually all about.  Also, I’m through Chapter 3 of Ken Wilber’s monumental and epic Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, which I’ve started several times over the years and never been able to make it all the way through (it’s 551 pages, plus 256 pages of endnotes that I’m not even taking on at this point).  And this time I’m reading it as part of a (one other person) reading group, so that should help.  Once I’m done with that (the title reveals nothing about it the book, really) I’m sure I’ll have lots to say.  I’m considering even making weekly posts per chapter, as there’s a lot to up-pack from this monster.

Anyways, remember: first they offer you the carrot, then they take the carrot and the stick approach simultaneously, but eventually, if you keep pushing, they just use the stick.  Be careful out there.  Cheers.