A bunch of video stuff here. First off for you folks is the St Paul, MN Chief of Police admitting that “the anarchists had complete control” of the downtown during the RNC:

Better yet, here’s Submedia.tv doing a great job (as they seem to always do) re-capping the events of the RNC, and reflecting constructively on that flash in the pan means for the left in the U.S., especially the anti-authoritarian left.
Part 1:

Part 2:

And Part 3, my favorite of these:

And finally, a panel discussion that happened in St Paul (I can’t seem to find a date for when the panel happened, but it was uploaded onto youtube on 9/23, a few weeks after the RNC)- what do you think, are indy media and citizen journalists (like SubMedia and Pepperspray Productions) journalists? Like someone in the video yells out after the moderator asks the same question, “Are Fox News journalists?”