Did that really happen?

Pretty fucking incredible.

Now, after a sincere and feel-good “congratulations” to Mr Obama, his family, and all the people who busted their asses to make him president (no, really, these people went way above and beyond)… well, it’s time to get back to work making the world better, safer, more fair, more just, and just simply livable.

Remember, Obama or not, Gitmo is still there, over a hundred thousand America troops are occupying Iraq, literally billions of dollars are being funneled from your and my pocket into the hands of men who already posses more money and power than we can even comprehend, and in general, the world is a dirty, disappointing, nut-job of a place.  Obama’s ascendence won’t do much if anything about any of this stuff- that’s up to us.  Don’t just sit back and expect things to get better- they only will at our insistence.

And, for the record, that 187 Electoral vote victory, that 8,000,000 vote difference… that was that landslide I told y’all about months ago.  Just sayin’.