So, here it is, my Election Day poll; why the hell not? (I figure if I’m going to be so neglectful of you, my friends, than the least I can do is make this site more interactive- everyone loves to participate, right?).  I really am curious about the inclination of my readers, above just the usual suspects who come here and comment regularly.

I’d also like to say a word or two about that last choice.  I, for one, do believe in sentiments like “our dreams will never fit in their ballot box”.  I actually feel quite strongly that our human possibility is far bigger than the whole debacle of electoralism.  Even more so, I have a very strong critique of power relations and concentrations, and the simple fact is that I see no reason, whatsoever, to believe that allowing/giving/acquiescing power over to one person (or a handful of people, or a political Party) is the means to the ends of a truly Just, fair, equitable society; one which allows for the full and entire material and mental growth and development- the living of a whole and meaningful life- of all people.

But ideas about reality always have the unfortunate necessity of being placed within reality.  Otherwise they are useless, destructive even.  The simple fact of the matter is that one of these two people are going to win this election, and with that, are going to be in possession of an absurdly large amount of power.  Not participating is a lie no matter what angle you come to it from.  Non-participation from the perspective of being “not into politics” or “non political” or “it doesn’t matter” (as has been so much the case with my generation, and the one before mine, the Gen Xers) is simply absurd because it pretends that what happens in the political sphere has no effect on our lives.  That is not only delusional, but self-absorbed poppycock.  I’d even go so far as to say that it’s exactly the sort of pathological narcissism that is the result of the electoral system (liberal democracy) of dominator hierarchy that leads people to such a dis-empowered conclusion of social life.  And the way I like to treat a pathology is not to feed and nurture it, but instead to study it, identify its root system (where it begins, how it feeds itself) and rip it out of the ground from there- lest it just grow back stronger.  Dis-empowerment and social isolation are killed-off through their very opposites; empowerment, participation, and social activism.

Not that electing one person over the other does this in and of itself.  But, I believe, it can act as the first germination of a sense of individual empowerment within the social and political realm, and from there, our expectations, our engagement, increase; along with it, over time, does our sense of the possible.  And once our human imaginations and creativity are unleashed upon the world in search of what’s possible, there’s no telling what we can make happen.  Perhaps justice, freedom, equality- heaven on earth you might say.

And I’d have much the same to say to those who sit-out elections considering it in and of itself to be an empowering political act.  This election in itself is good proof of what’s true all along: one choice is better than the other, even if in the smallest and most subtle ways.  Even if the choice is a slow death or a quick one, we each have a preference for one or the other.  The “political strategy” of non-participation runs into the odd quandary of accomplishing victory for the candidate (or choice or whatever) that we least want.  This does not and can not have the effect of getting us where we want to be.  Making the argument that real social and political change happens from the bottom up, through our activism and our organizing and our day to day fight against power is Absolutely true, capital fucking “A”.  Bringing that message to people who haven’t understood that yet does nothing but isolate them from it, and at best enforces a sense of dis-empowerment upon them.

And hey, if I’m going to bring a kid into this world, I will not only do all that I can, every day, to make the world as safe and Right for that kid as I can, but I’m also going to do what has to be done to make it as comfortable- in the most relative of contexts- as I can.