I got this press release in my inbox.  See y’all this Saturday in Montpelier:






OCTOBER 27, 2008


When and Where:    Saturday, November 1

                                    1:30 at Montpelier City Hall

                                    2 pm march to Statehouse for rally


Outraged taxpayers, war resistors, community members and students will gather in front of the state house to rally for a Vermont Peace Economy.  Endorsed by several groups including the Vermont Peace Economy Coalition, the Peace and Justice Center, Iraq Veterans Against the War, American Friends Service Committee, Food Not Bombs and other groups, the day will be full of community organizing, education, legislative pressure and a call to end Vermont’s support of the military-industrial complex.  The demonstration will meet at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall in Montpelier for a march at 2:00 p.m. to the statehouse. 

Born out of multiple demonstrations and non-violent actions of civil disobedience against General Dynamics, as well as campaigns for a sustainable future and UVM’s Students Against War campaign to divest from war profiteers such as General Dynamics and Raytheon, the Vermont Peace Economy Coalition is working to build community support and solidarity.  This demonstration marks the beginning of a broader campaign calling for an end to state-supported war profiteering, and giving money back to Vermonters in the form of health care, housing, education, sustainable building and energy initiatives, and peacetime jobs.  General Dynamics receives $3.6 million annually in Vermont tax breaks.  The Vermont Peace Economy Coalition believes this money can be better spent in Vermont, for Vermonters, rather than being shipped out of state to a war profiteer with annual profits of up to $27 billion. 

The proximity of the rally to the elections is of crucial importance.  Says Rachel Ruggles of the Vermont Peace Economy Coalition, “You’ve heard from the politicians – Now hear from the people.”  Legislative pressure is crucial to securing a Vermont economy that contributes to the well being of the community, not to war and harmful environmental policies.  “We need to tell our elected officials that we want to support a peaceful, healthy future for Vermont” says Will Bennington of Food Not Bombs in Burlington, “Now more than ever we need to build local communities and support systems.  That won’t be possible until our politicians stop contributing much needed funds to large corporations that promote the exact opposite of what the people want.” 

Speaking at the event will be Adrienne Kinney and Thomas Hermann for Iraq Veterans Against the War, Joseph Gainza from American Friends Service Committee, and Kylie Vanerstrom from UVM Students Against War.  Food Not Bombs will serve a free, hot, vegetarian meal.