… that’s what i imagine it would feel like, emotionally, to have agreed to join the United State’s military and go off to a distant desert land in order to fight the War of the day, for the confused though sold Cause of the day, and then come back home to see the benefits you were promised, or that you deserve, to be simply absent; to come home and see and hear and learn about such a such difference between reality “on the ground” and around the dinner time conversations of your country.  I imagine how easily it could all have a numbing effect: that when your reality and the reality that’s accepted by others are just simply so bizarrely juxtaposed, that there could really be nothing more to do but fall unconscious.  Perhaps in the process you lose your home, or your wife, or your parents.  Likely through it all you watched friends, close friends, die beside you.  I imagine if this nightmare were a part of your reality (it would consume your reality, really), if you were able to retain consciousness and some sort of functioning sanity, over your waking life anyway, you may decide that the fuckers responsible for putting you, and hundreds of thousands of your comrades, in this place should be held accountable.  

In fact, I’m quite sure that if I were able to starve-off the homelessness of heart that ravages so many who come home from the battlefield, I would be dead-set on bringing those few shit-stains responsible for the whole mess to justice by the judgement of their peers and the inclination of those who seek Truth, Equality, and Fairness as possibly the only one and true God of the human condition.

Well, if you’re Nick Morgan, a veteran from the War in Iraq and member of the IVAW, not only did you go through feeling quite like this, you actually almost got killed when an officer from the Nassau Count Police Department’s horse stepped on your head after he knocked you to the ground, because you went to the last presidential debate to protest -legally and peacefully- the candidate’s lack of focus and clarity about the war that has torn a part thousands of families throughout this land.

So where’s this story in the mainstream press?  Oh, right, “economic crisis” is the current narrative (with a little elbow room for Sarah Palin).  Luckily, FYI, the Vet seen unconscious and being dragged away is OK.  Nick was thrown into a police van, taken to the local hospital, handcuffed to the bed while receiving treatment, immediately taken to jail where he was again handcuffed to the bed in his cell, and, well, you get the picture…. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and all that.

A November 10th court date is set for Nick and 14 other veterans and civilians who were arrested outside the debate (one other Vet had to be taken to the hospital).  The IVAW is preparing a call for action in solidarity with them on that date; I’ll keep you posted.