-That’s right, if your name is on this board, you’ve been put On Notice:  I don’t want to hear about you, or you making the news, for a long time to come.  I’m sick of your shit, and we all need a break from your life-sucking B.S..  You’ve had the past couple of months of headlines, filling our minds with useless dribble, and now it’s time we all move on to more productive, positive, and enjoyable matters.  Yeah, and Streisand’s name is on there, just cause she annoys the crap out of me.

-I can’t claim allegiance to any Philadelphia sports teams, though they always receive my sympathies.  Partially this is because so many of my close friends are Phils Phans (which you hippies out there shouldn’t confuse with “Phil Phans”), and partially I just love a good, East Cost-style sports-induced collective trauma.  In today’s Times-Argus, Fast Eddy takes a rare break from waxing on our local music scene and finds himself published in the sports section, where he articulates the main reason I’m rooting for the Phillies in the World Series:

…it’s because of a curse by an historical figure even greater in stature than Babe Ruth, one William Penn, the founder of the city and the man for whom the state of Pennsylvania is named. You see, a statue of William Penn sits atop Philadelphia City Hall, and up until 1987, was the highest structure in the city. The 76ers won the NBA title in 1983 (Julius Erving, Moses Malone – some of you Celtics fans may remember those guys). A few years later, the city’s Art Commission, which previously would not approve any building with a height greater than the statue of Billy Penn, broke form and approved the construction of 1 Liberty Place, which towered over city hall from a mere 3 blocks away. The city has not seen a championship since.

The city has constructed more and higher skyscrapers since then, but with last year’s construction of the Comcast building, which towers over all others, someone decided to remedy the problem, or at least try. When the uppermost beam was put atop the tower, ironworkers from Local Union 401 put a small replica statue of ol’ Billy Penn on the beam, so he is once again at his rightful place in the highest perch above his beloved city.

I am a bit surprised that the article gave no mention to the newest hex Philadelphia has to endure: the Cruse of Sarah Palin.  You remember my recent post about her dropping the ceremonial first puck at the Flyers home opener?  Well, the Flyers, who were certainly expected to bring a talented and competitive team to the NHL this year, now boast the worst record in hockey, and in fact, haven’t managed to win a single game yet.  In 20 years, when Flyer fans are asking themselves “how is it we’ve been so bad for so long?” the answer will rest right on the back of Palin’s snowmachine.  Her daughter walked onto the ice with her wearing a Flyers jersey, despite the fact that the family are well publicized Ranger fans for fuck’s sake.  Team owner and well known Republican fundraiser Ed Snider should face an old-fashioned public hanging for that mess.

Last night the Phillies lost, which most everyone knew they would.  Now they head back up North though, having accomplished the goal of leaving Tampa with the Series tied.  And if you’re wondering where the biggest party in the world will be this coming Sunday, it’s the City of Brotherly Love.  Philly phans are well known for their exemplary tail-gating and general mayhem when it comes to sports (or, really, anything else they get into), and Sunday the party starts early in the morning.  Eagle fans will likely be arriving in the parking lot of the Linc early.  The birds play Atlanta at 1:00, and then later that evening, across the street, the Phillies face Tampa in the World Series.  The collective capacity of these two ballparks is over 111,000, and knowing Philly, there could be almost that many in the lots outside partying like the Grateful Dead was in town.

-Back to more serious things though, next month the city of San Francisco will vote on Proposition K, which would direct all city law enforcement officers to ignore (i.e., not pursue, arrest, or hassle) prostitutes and sex trade workers.  While the city law wouldn’t trump State laws against prostitution, Prop K would effectively legalize the sex trade in the city.  Now, I love to imagine a time and place when sex for money is bellow the moral standards of everyone, everywhere, but, my friends, that’s la la land.  The sex trade has been around as long as humans.  The right thing isn’t to throw superfluous laws on the books which make victums of the (mostly) woman who sell these services, but that protect them from the violence and exploitation that they often have to endure.  Anti-prostitution laws are not only a sexist attack on women, but are a not-so-thinly-veiled attack on poor women.  Cheers to an old friend mine, who shall remain nameless, who I’m sure is centrally involved in this campaign.

-In the “it’s too early in the morning for me to be reading shit is weird” department: the Vermont Indymedia site has one hell of a head-number up.  It’s a quick little “informal survey” of four white supremacists and one black nationalist in which three out of the four nazi fuck-o’s state they prefer Obama over McCain, and the black nationalist comes out in support for McCain.  You read it yourself, that kind of mental dribble, even in quotations, isn’t being put on this site.

-If you’re wondering who the hell is going to step it up against all these greedy “bailouts” of the financial sector, you may have forgotten to look to Greece.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the level of militancy over there is a bit startling.  Pretty much, someone sneezes in an office somewhere and then there’s a fire-bombing or bank robbery in retaliation.  In response to government actions to “stabilize the markets” a good-ol-fashioned general strike, featuring all public sector workers and a shit load of private sector employees too hit the streets.  Their rallying cry?  “Not one euro to support the capitalists”.  Good call, and good luck.