-If you missed it, well, you just miss it people: last night’s Red Sox comeback from a 7-0 deficit late in the game was just great theatre and riveting sport.  Even my not-very-impressed-that-I’m-a-sports-junky girlfriend was on the edge of her seat watching with me, cheers in excitement and struck by the beauty of Big Papi’s home run swing, Pedroia’s tenacity, and the continuing magic that is the Red Sox.

-As they’ve shown is their strategy in opening stores throughout our leftist neighbors to the North, Wal-Mart decided to close a “tire and lube express” store in Canada rather than live with the unionization of it’s workforce.  However, the problem for Wal-Mart is that Canadian law and their Constitution are far more explicit than our U.S. version when it comes to the outright protection of the worker’s right to organize.  The big money quote of the article comes from UFCW Canada’s national president, Wayne Hanley: “Wal-Mart thinks a cheap oil change is more important than the Canadian constitution.”  Well, yeah Wayne, among other things.

-The anti-war group CODEPINK is running with a story that brutally illustrates all that’s wrong (OK, not really all, but a lot) with the United States:  the personal tragedy of Queens, NY resident Jocelyne Voltaire, who lost her son fighting an imperialist war in Iraq and who is now having her home foreclosed on because she got duped into a sub-prime mortgage.  Voltaire and CODEPINK are asking some good questions: where’s her bailout? where’s the government (and the public’s) support for her after making the greatest of sacrifices?

-Some of you may remember the to-do that boiled up when a small number of residents in Vermont’s Queen City, Burlington, demanded that Burlington Telecom (that’s right folks- municipally owned cable, phone and internet services in increasing corners of the People’s Republic of Vermont, “socialism”) remove the English language version of Al Jazeera from their offerings.  The charge- brought by a small number of conservatives and easily defeated following a handful of community forums on the matter- was that the Arab-based news network is “anti-American” and hell-bent on promoting ugly, violent, incendiary hate and intolerance throughout the world.  Well, it may be a bit frightening, but I think this Al Jazeera story about American conservatives in support of McLame and Pukin says it all:

And that’s why I live is Vermont, and not the lower 47 folks.

-Speaking of Burlington, I’m really excited to pass on news that radicals up there are finally opening an explicitly anti-authoritarian community space.  I haven’t gotten word on when the doors plan on opening, but they’ve secured a storefront on Bank Street (a bit ironic, like Montpelier’s radical space, Black Sheep Books, being located on State Street, but anyway) and have a nice little website up for the collective of community members who have been working hard to make this happen.  Of course, if you’re a grumpy old veteran of the radical left like me you’re likely to just say “that’ll be a nice place for the kids to hang out”, but hey, it’s certainly a  welcome addition to liberal la-la land.  You know what we say: Burlington is a really great city, and it’s so close to Vermont!

-Finally, I don’t know how long this little icon has been up, but I just noticed that wordpress (who hosts this blog, for free) now gives me the option of inserting a poll!  Sweet!  I can nearly promise you that over the coming weeks I’m going to thoroughly abuse this.  Lets start the polling off right here and now.  Come on folks, put in your vote; “the system only works if you participate” (insert sarcastic and ironic chuckling here).