Screw the economic “crisis”, screw the war, screw cleaning the house before mom comes for her visit… you, my friends (I’m taking that line from McCain- hell, we should all start talking like that so someone, somewhere, may finally tell him how desperate and condescending it sounds when he says “my friends” 90 times in a single statement).  With a tip of my at over to the Rev. Ron, I present to you an absolutely incredible hat available for your “defeat the terrorists and go shopping” consumerist enjoyment from Cabela’s.  Now, it’s not so much the hat that I’d like you to pay attention to- though shit, it’s quite a friggin’ conversation piece in it’s own right- what you need to do, my friends, is notice that despite the fact that this hat is great for cheering yourself up after an automobile accident, and a great prop for your next oil painting models, it only receives a “4.7” out of 5 in the customer comments section.  With a little sleuthing, you’ll find the disgruntled moron who found fault in this truly amazing head-piece.  Check it out here.