OK, I’ve gotten a few notes from people wondering where the hell I’ve been.  It’s OK, I’m OK, and as the bellow post shows, I haven’t entirely given up on writing at all.  And, my excuses are good.  For starters, here in Vermont the end of summer rapidly turned into fall, which is (and will) rapidly turn into untold feet of snow on the ground an lots of single digit temperatures.  All this weather change requires a lot of preparation, and I’m well behind on most of my tasks (a procrastination that in itself is a part of the culture here).  And, as the bellow post hopefully indicates, I’ve been putting a good deal of time and energy into paying attention to the events of the day.  On top of all this, my workplace is going through rapid expansion and, frankly, it’s been just exhausting.  Not to mention the fact that a very big project that some friends and I have been working on just moved from the back burner to “holy shit I think we’re going to make this happen” within a matter of days.

And, finally, as Fast Eddy noted to in his email to me: yes, there’s a girl involved.  She’s nice enough…. who am I kidding; it’s been a long time since I’ve been head-over-heals, and fuck, I’m eating it up.

But don’t worry folks, I intend to get back in the swing of things.  In the meantime, good luck out there….