Welcome back folks.  Again, I’ll do what I can to follow along, but those really interested in up to the minute info should check one of the often linked sites from my RNC S2 or RNC S1 posts bellow.  Various protests are planned for today, and of course jail support is on-going.  More than 300 people have been arrested in St Paul, and hundreds more have been gassed, detained, beaten, kicked by horses, shot with rubber bullets, and whatever else.  The male side of the County Jail (it’s separated by gender) contains an unknown number of guys (estimated around two dozen) who are being held without being charged and who are on 23 hour lockdown.  In response, they are all on hunger strike, demanding to be charged with a crime or released.

In other news, scattered reports through the night have been flying all over that the cops have generally moved away from making more arrests by are now simply detaining, beating, and then releasing people.  Non MSM journalists are also being targeted specifically (because they allow folks like me to spread the word to an otherwise oblivious world: just an hour ago I heard on CNN “As many as a dozen people have been arrested in St Paul protesting the RNC” (!?!<!@Q@OK#@()!!!!!!).  Yes, CNN=Politics, as they say…..

There’s no new post from SubMedia this morning, probably because one of Pepperspray Productions videographers was just released from jail this morning and a second member of their team is still at Ramsey County, being charged with Felony Rioting.  This is the latest from them though, posted yesterday:

And don’t forget to do your part- spread word of what’s happening to as many people as possible, send people links (to this site, or even better, to one of the IMC’s I’ve linked to the past several days), and take a moment to make a few phone calls and demand that police act as humans and that people in their care be afforded their full legal and human rights:

Chris Coleman, St. Paul Mayor: 651.266.8510
or Chris Rider from Mayor Coleman’s office at 651.266.8535
Ramsey County Jail at 651-266-9350 (press extension 0)
Ramsey County Sheriff: 651.487.5149

Here are the names and numbers of St Paul City Council people to call as well:
Melvin Carter – Ward 1 – 651.266.8610
Dan Thune – Ward 2 – 651.266.8620
Pat Harris – Ward 3 – 651.266.8630
Russ Stark – Ward 4 – 651.26.8640
Lee Helgen – Ward 5 – 651.266.8520
Dan Bostrom – Ward 6 – 651.266.8660
Cathy Lantree – Ward 7 – 651.266.8670

2:30 (EST)/ 1:30 (CEN):  Real quick- ICE Agents have been entering jails and removing people “with foreign sounding names”; the jails are segregated based on gender, but trans-gendered folks are being placed where-ever pigs want to (usually with the group that they don’t identify as); also, the legal team/jail solidarity folks are exhausted- if you are reading this and live near St Paul (I know all those visits from Minnesota to this site over the past few days aren’t cops and feds) please go down to the Ramsey County Jail or get in touch with the Cold Snap Legal Collective to help plug-in either answering phones, updating the twitter, or assisting with out-take.

9:00 (EST)/ 8:00 (CEN):  Live News Wires are now reporting that a “loud explosion” has just gone off somewhere near St Peter St & 5th or 6th St; my immediate reaction is this could be the FBI’s way of making their case for the “terrorist” charges (since all their other “evidence” is completely bogus and for the most part already been de-bunked by NLG attorneys).  I’ll try to find out more ASAP.

9:30 (EST)/ 8:30 (CEN):  The explosion was just kids setting off fire-works(!); the ATF and Secret Service are reportedly still on the scene though.