I probably won’t get back on this computer until tomorrow morning, so news-hounds should check the links from the post bellow for updates (especially TCIMC’s great breaking news wire).  Also, Jack McCullough, attorney and Washington County (VT) chair of the VT Democratic Party has a nice little piece up over on GMD (yeah Twin Cities, Vermonter’s are watching you closely and doing what we can to support you), including a great update regarding the sherif’s press conference in which they show-off some of the “weapons” confiscated in their raids, obviously hoping to turn the tide as public outrage in Minnesota begins to intensify.

Also, the NLG and CUAPB (Communities United Against Police Brutality) have just issued a press release informing us that they’ve filed a motion for an emergency restraining order against the police.  Part of their press release:


“In the aftermath of a series of raids on the homes of activists and journalists, the National Lawyers Guild and Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) filed an emergency motion late yesterday asking weekend signing judge Mark Wernick to grant injunctive relief to prevent police from seizing video equipment and cellular phones used to document their conduct.

Examples of police interference with the right to document their conduct include the beating of CUAPB vice president Darryl Robinson while copwatching, seizure of equipment of three journalists with Glass Bead Collective, and the targeting of journalists during a raid on 951 Iglehart in St. Paul yesterday afternoon.

Another example is the action of Ramsey County Sheriff’s Deputies, who deliberately shut off CUAPB president Michelle Gross’ video camera while she was documenting Friday night’s raid from inside the convergence space. This action prevented her from documenting the incident in its entirety. Despite their actions, Ms. Gross was able to capture about 7 ½ minutes of video and audio of the beginning of the raid, including use by deputies of a battering ram to force open the door to a upstairs theater where families were watching a film. Copies of this footage will be provided to media representatives in attendance at the press conference.”

UPDATE:  The Veterans for Peace anti-war march and rally Sunday seemed to go well, with a couple hundred people turning-out.  At the end, a few dozen people- including two elderly women- left the police-lined parade route and breached the security fence surrounding the Xcel Center (where the RNC is being held).  Those people were all arrested.

Also, word is starting to pour in from across the country that activists and anti-authoritarians are speaking out in solidarity with the police state in St Paul & Minneapolis.  A banner was dropped in Madison, WI:


And a bank in Pittsburg had its windows smashed and an ATM machine destroyed.

Today (Labor Day) there are all sorts of things planned, as the RNC is supposed to actually *begin* finally.  I’ll keep you updated.

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