From the really great Indy Media site (if only VT’s Indy Media Center were half as good):

On August 27th at around 10:30am, 5-6 police officers from three agencies made their way into the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, broke down every door, and confiscated all computers on the property. Computers taken included those used by the Slingshot Collective and East Bay Prisoner Support. Police also broke into cabinets, cut locks, and went through mail. 

People arrived after being informed of the situation, and demanded that the police show a warrant. The police said they would show one once they were done, and they did. Both CopWatch and The Berkeley Daily Planet were there to cover the incident. The departments involved were 4 UC Berkeley cops, 1 Alameda County Sheriff, and 1 Federal agent. The police stated that the computer equipment “may have been used to commit a felony.” This is the first time the infoshop has been raided.

I’ll try to write more if I find out more.  In the meantime, don’t forget that harassment and intimidation against anti-capitalist and anti-State ideas, spaces, and events is a constant here in the “land of the free”.