Today (Wednesday) is clearly the biggest yet for demonstrations in Denver.  So far, the big story has been the overly militarized and aggressive police forces, which while not all too surprising, is obviously troubling.  The mainstream press in Denver has gotten on the story though, even reacting quite critical to un-founded (and false) police claims that “anarchists” had feces and rocks at the ready to be thrown.  After preemptive arrests of a few organizers yesterday, people in the streets seem to be out, in large numbers, and a bit more organized.  The most up-to-date info I’ve found puts the numbers in detention at around 130.

The latest updates I’ve seen has a group of Iraq Veterans Against the War blockading the on/off ramp to the main highway through downtown and over 2,000 10,000 [OK, one reporter puts the crowd at 3,000, another at 10,000 people, and they’re both from the same paper!] marching through the streets with a heavy- but so far non-confrontational- police presence.  The march began following a free concert by Rage Against the Machine, who is reportedly leading the crowd.

I’ve also found another blog, DNC RNC Troops Out Now, who is doing a good job of up to the minute coverage.

I’ll put updates, videos, and pics up here as I find them.

UPDATE #1: Just a quick note, first that Code Pink has released a statement about the woman shoved violently to the ground in the video bellow has gotten out of jail and that the asshole cop has been removed by the Denver PD from DNC protest duties; second, a quick mention (to those interested) that Colorado Indy Media has stepped up their coverage and seems to be offering some of the most up-to-the-minute stuff about what’s happening in the Streets of Denver.

UPDATE #2:  Almost real-time video of the demo is here (sorry, I can’t get the vid to embed right to this site).

UPDATE #3:  The amazing folks over at subMedia have been putting together great video reports from the events of the DNC, and the latest ones just came out.  Go check them out or on YouTube.  Here’s a taste:

UPDATE #4:  About 1,000 demonstrators from this afternoon are still out, apparently outside the Pepsi Center.  And, at about 7pm MTN time the Critical Mass Bike Ride is about to take off, with about 150 people, no planned route, and a shit load of cops making their presence known.