I haven’t had the time to give a thorough perusal of demonstrations and protests in Denver over the past 24 hours, but from what I’ve seen, there’s not much to say.  I’ll try to spend some more time digging threw what’s out there later tonight.  In the meantime, the police are out in huge numbers and are extremely jumpy and agressive, which is their typical M.O. at these kinds of things.  Seattle, Philly, NYC, Montreal…. there will inevitably be a civil suit brought against the DPD for their violence and they’ll pay-out some huge some of money to demonstrators.  I’m sure this woman will be taking home her share of it:

Thing is, I’m sure the cops go into this sorta thing knowing they’ll be a civil suit later on, and knowing the moneys to pay the judgement won’t come out of their operating budget, so not all too concerned about anything except doing what they do best- reenforcing that their violence is the only legitimate violence and that their arbitrary authority is Absolute.

A group from Iraq Veterans Against the War did briefly blockade an intersection, and there have been numerous other demos, but nothing that I’ve seen has been all too effective or noteworthy.  TTFN!