I’ve been trying to check out what the Streets of Denver looked like today, and as of 11:30 EST Monday there’s not much I can tell you.  Colorado Indy Media is reporting that 400- 1,000 demonstrators have been arrested and are being detained, one would assume at Gitmo on the Platte.  From the article I read, I have little to say, except maybe to refer you to my bellow critique about lack of organization and tactical unity amongst anti-authoritarians.  400 arrests?! A thousand arrests?!?  Get it together.  It would seem that the police have the anti-capitalist bloc well surrounded, and are essentially playing cat and mouse.  Hopefully I can give you better info in the morning (or later tonight, if I don’t get to bed soon).

Oh, and aside from the handful of websites I linked to bellow for Denver DNC protest updates, I should be sure to remind you all that Infoshop has a “Breaking News Wire” although, at this point, it would seem there’s either no breaking news or they’re a bit slack.  Also, I don’t know how long this is going to last, but as of me writing this, there’s a Denver Post Live Cam, of the Police stand-off with demonstrators.  Everything I’ve read refers to it as “at the Civic Center” but it looks to me like they’re still in that same parking garage I wrote about them going into earlier (how else would they be cornered like this?)…. IF that’s true, then fuck, my momentary remorse in not going to Denver is nearly over.  Get organized!!!