On the eve of the Democrat’s National Convention in Denver, the protests and direct actions have begun.  I’ll give occasional updates and analysis of what I can, when I can, as I not only know a couple of people who will be covering the convention from the inside, but a few who will be doing their part to confront power from the streets outside the Convention.

Also, you can find out about street protests, direct actions, and other attempts by the left in Denver to gain public attention and face the political elite’s at DNC Disruption 08, the Colorado Indy Media Center, Re-Create 68, Unconventional Denver, and Crash The Conventions.

To kick things off, a hardy welcome to Fox News, who walked away from this encounter in better shape than some might have thought they would (a tip of my hat to the always on top of things Ed Garcia over at GMD):

Giff here says there’s about 1,000 people in “this marching thing”, but the Denver Post later put the number around 1,500.