I know many (most) of you don’t understand how or why it is that the end of softball is the absolute low-point of the entire year for myself and a few others on the team, but you’re just going to have to believe it.  I mean, if you could get together once a week with these guys:

(clockwise starting top left) Colin (with one "L" people!), Jason, Fast Eddie, Donnie Softball, Jake "I got it!" Feldman, Deaner, Clancy H., Ryan, the captain, Big Clancy, Li'l Papi-Cho-Choo-Jimmy Beet Boy-Malloy (not pictured: Scott "SK-Brocious-Scottafari" Kerner, Jeff, Kevin (well, one of the Kevin's above Ed, but he's got to wait till next year), John, and a handful of others)

Drink some beers, swing a bat, yell at an umpire, dive onto the ground… who could turn that down?  Have I mentioned that we tend to drink some beers while we play?

Plus, when I said “softball” I bet you didn’t think our pitcher looked like this:

"Fast 5 Fast Eddie"

Um, neither did I, honestly.  Also, it’s always fun when someone strikes out, because at the end of the game they have to put their head on the bat and spin around ten times like this:

Call us hippies if you want- this guy's an Iraq war vet

and then someone hands you a PBR and you have to run around the bases, and drink the thing before you get all the way home.  Good fucking fun, my friends. (and note the background of the above pic- it is, despite ourselves, a family affair):

The Lil'est Papi

Team baseball cards, replete with season and career stats, plus all the nicknames I can think of, will be coming very soon.  Final team and individual stats will be posted by the end of tomorrow (Friday)- so just settle down Lil’Papi.