[Note: This is the first of a mini-series of previews I’m going to do about bands at the upcoming Northeast Kingdom Music Festival in Albany, VT August 1 & 2)


For the first installment of this preview series you get a hybrid preview/show review.  What I’m not able to give to you is the kick fucking ass experience of seeing The Mathematicians for yourself.  These guys have played at the Langdon Street Cafe a few times now, but until last night I haven’t had the opportunity to see them.  Boy have I been missing out.  If you’re able to image a perfect hybrid of the Beatsie Boys meeting Devo Meeting Revenge of the Nerds (with a twist of real, early 80’s punk energy thrown in there) than you might be able to catch a glimpse of the kind of show these three guys put on.

They’ve played at LSC a couple of times before but each time I’ve missed it.  The next day or two, I’ve heard pretty much nothing but raving, boisterous cheers about The Mathematicians’ show.  So despite being zombie-like following a long week of house re-siding I made my way over to check these guy’s out.  Shit.  Really, I just can’t get the image out of my head of the big ending scene from Revenge of the Nerds where they all perform that ridiculous rap song in their super-nerdy glory, but nonetheless it rules the day and everyone goes home a champion of the universe:

But these guys are much better than that (obviously).  Honestly, the energy they created through their combination intense, keyboard-bass-drum punk music, Beastie Boys-style three white MC badasses, and innovative post-modern electronic stylings was enough to make any party happen.  I can’t wait to check ’em late night on the main stage at NEKMF.