Just a quick note for y’all, that I’ve *officially* hit the high and busy stretch of my summer and things might (actually, certainly) be a bit sparse around here for the next couple of weeks.  I’ve got big projects going on at the house (new siding! no more plastic!), new responsibilities at work, a music festival to pull off, a garden full of weeds, and plenty of reading and beer drinking to fill the quieter hours with.  Not to mention that I’m starting to feel bad about how long its been since I promised Part 3 of “An Integral Politic”, so I’ll have to get motivated and write that one.  In the meantime, don’t lose track of everything that’s happening out there in the real world:

– The London Times is reporting that Bush has given Israel the near go-ahead on a preemptive strike on Iran, which some friends might know that I’ve been saying for almost eight years now was a likely (though not certain) just before the election move.  I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but at the same time, we know that these assholes have little to know respect for the Constitution, rule of law, or elections in general.  They came to power illegally, and they’ve proven without a doubt they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want…. though perhaps unlikely, none of us should rule out the possibility of cancelled presidential elections due to some sort of national/global emergency (like an Iran-Israel war).  Again, a possibility, not certainty.

-Speaking of Israel, R.A. Forum has a nice little piece about Yiddish anarchism.  Be sure to check that out, if it sparks your interest.

-Speaking of anarchism, I’ve been meaning to give a mention to the early June founding of the pro-platformist anarchist organization, Class Action Alliance in the Northwest of the U.S..  There have been a few NEFAC-inspired organizational anarchist federations that have tried to get something going on the West coast over the past few years.  Good luck to CAA- lets hope they have a long, bright future ahead of them.

-And finally, speaking of the West Coast, Bush is set to lift the ban on off-shore oil drilling, a welcome development for absolutely no one except the oil tycoons.