Obama is very exciting as an orator, as an individual, as a politician (especially within the context of the past 30 or 40 years), as a leader, and as the embodiment of “change” and anti-status quo.

Voting for McCain, or any of the other candidates, is absurd.  Anyone who would lives in a self-destructive universe.

Not voting for Obama, particularly in the “swing states”, is a vote for war with Iran and essentially Armageddon (cause Iran is backed by China & Russia, who have ‘nukes; cause hitting Iran would almost certainly bring in Israel, who have ‘nukes; etc).

Not voting for Obama, in Vermont, doesn’t matter either which way and if you think it does your sense of self-import is over the top.  Obama will win VT in a landslide and it is almoststatistically zero that this post, anything else I say or do, or anything that anyone else says or does will effect that reality.

So what good (or bad) will an Obama Administration do for you, me, the suffering masses, the general population, the environment, humanity or the world in general?

Who knows?  Very likely much better than what McCain would do.  But more importantly, what we do know for absolute certainty, is this: the most progressive, revolutionary, effective, beneficial, substantive, lasting, and evolutionary changes that have ever happened, in human history, are the direct result of people taking action- themselves- to demand it; not through ballot boxes, not through vigils, not through quaint marches or petitions, but through insisting that something about the way things are is un-exceptable and antiquated.  Vote for Obama (or, if you live in Vermont, vote for whoever the fuck you  want)- order, sensibility, fairness, equality, peace…. these things will only happen (in all of history have only happened) when “the people” make everyday an act of creating and living the world that we know is possible and is better, and different, than the one we know today.