Montpelier, Vermont’s Independence Day Parade is a spectacle in itself. For one night- um, July 3- the nation’s smallest capital (population 8,000) becomes overwhelmed by as many as 20,000 visitors who hope to enjoy the fireworks as well as an hour long parade replete with Shriners, politicians both hopeful and incumbent, a strong showing by the world-famous Bread & Puppet Theatre, and most everything else you could imagine in an Independence Day Parade.

Two years ago, carpetbagger multi-millionaire Rich Tarrent, who ran as a Republican challenger to the Independent (Democratic Socialist) Bernie Sanders- who eventually went on to win and be the U.S.’s first “socialist” Senator- received a warm Montpelier-style welcoming to our renowned July Third Celebration: he got pied in the middle of the parade.

This year, in the midst of a contentious re-election campaign between himself, Democrat Gaye Symington and Progressive Party candidate Anthony Pollina, incumbant Republican Governor Jim “Doesless” Douglas got his just desserts: a pie in the face, delivered personally by the King of all pranks himself: Santa Clause. Santa, unfortunately, didn’t make it far before the Governor’s handler’s got a hold of him. Updates, if important, about his pending legal situation will follow. If available, photos will too.