Without the time or energy to spend writing much these days (as some of you have noticed) I’ve reverted- temporarily- to pasting other people’s writing, posting insider jokes to people on the other side of the country, and mostly filling space with whatever I can get a hold of.  And now, this: a post about nothing at all, paraded out as a “thank you” to the folks who read this site.  For the month of June, I had over a thousand visits (my best month ever) and have had (personal) record-breaking traffic nearly every day for over a week now.  A whole bunch of you are coming over to check out our softball team stats, and a whole bunch more are following along with the conversation with “dcbarton”.  As well, it didn’t really hurt to have this site’s address published in Jim Higgins’ column in the Times-Argus a couple weeks ago, nor did it hurt to get a ping-back from Anarkismo.net when I reproduced José Antonio Gutiérrez’s great piece about Obama and Latin America.

But in the end, I like to think that you’re coming here because you care, or at least, because what ends up on this site is interesting.  Because you (may) find it interesting, I’d like to say “thank you”.  This is fun for me.  And, now that my thoughts and experiences have been read almost 4,000 different times by who knows how many different people in 69 different countries and 47 different States (where the hell are you Wyoming, North Dakota and Alaska?) I must say, I feel pressure to keep it up.  Which is good.  I will keep it up.  I still owe you all Part 3 of Integral Politics (the most important and ground-breaking part, hopefully) as well as my examination of Buddhism and revolutionary currents…. I may take my time, but I don’t forget when I promise something to someone, even an imaginary over the internet someone like you.  Good luck out there kids.

Cheers, wdh3.