As is first being reported over at Green Mountain Daily, following Saturday’s VT blogger picnic in Burlington I am excited to pass on the news that I was able to successfully negotiate liberation for the Town of Plainfield from the hands of the State.  With an entire municipality now in the “hands of the anarchists” one would only assume that neighboring localities will soon start freeing themselves from the tyranny of liberal democracy.  House Majority Whip Floyd Nease of Johnson, who led a good barganing team for the State, did make me assure him that no Goddard students would be allowed to start a band, ever again.

That’s Rep Nease on the left as we finalized the deal that formally ceded Plainfield to the People (eat your heart out SVR).  In the middle, Montpelier Democratic Party organizer Jack McCullough seems to be taking a moment to recall the Grateful Dead’s 1960’s acid tests.