According to the UK Guardian, climate change activists boldly stopped and boarded a train loaded with coal that was on its way to Britain’s largest power plant (the above link to the article also contains video footage).  Disguised as railway workers the 40 or so activists flagged down the train and then climbed on top of it when it slowed down for what train personnel believed to be safety workers.  Their message was simple and to the point: Leave it in the ground.  

Nice work folks.  The “green-wash” that big business has been engaging itself it- trying to sell the public on the idea that everything from McDonald’s and Wal-Mart to coal and nuclear to ExxonMobil and BP are somehow environmentally friendly and “with us” as we try to save our planet from extinction is not only laughable, but insulting.  These fucks are all about profit; profit motivates their every move.  Luckily, more and more of us are catching on that what we really need is a world in which survival, sustainability, and happiness motivates our every move.